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  Sex Mashine By Sugamotor And Friends

Instruments: Sex Mashine by Sugamotor and friends
Voix: Sex Mashine by Sugamotor and friends
Arrangement: Sex Mashine by Sugamotor and friends
Date de sortie: 2010

Open your ears as wide as you can ! I'm proud to present you my first collective mashup album, a very special kind of album.
The bootleggers who took part in this international orgy : Ben Double M, Dunproofin', DJ Fac, DJ Giac, LeeDM101, Marc Johnce, Mighty Mike, RoM1RoM, ToToM and ZoOm.
  Club Addiction 3

Instruments: Fonky-M and KrazyBen present
Voix: Club Addiction 3
Arrangement: BoOtleggers of the world
Date de sortie: 2009

1.Elocnep - Tepr goes right round
(Tepr vs Flo Rida)
2.Totom - Amerik truckin'
(Deep Purple vs Yuksek)
3.Ben Double M - 3
(Britney Spears vs Helmut Fritz)
4.Funky Belek - Le chant des hommes et des femmes
(TTC vs Calvin Harris)
5.LeeDM101 - Tell me when you leave
(Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Alina)
6.Marc Johnce - Pick up the pornstar
(Dragonette vs Amy Meredith)
7.Clive$ter - Knock you out and disappear
(The Phenomenal Handclap Band vs Tiesto)
8.GSTN - Gasa beat
(Michael Jackson vs Reset)
9.7Syd - Sweaty fools
(KillaQueenz vs Mightyfools)
10.Subteel - Say goodbye to Tokyo
(Kenna vs Teriyaki Boys)

CD 2:
1.KrazyBen - Fix your soul and dance
(Stromae vs Eric B & Rakim vs Fake Blood)
2.SUYT - Calle ocho players
(Pitbull vs Voodoo Chilli)
3.Sugamotor - Full disco slave
(Britney Spears vs Da Slammin' Phrogz)
4.Totom - Digital nose
(Weezer vs Daft Punk)
5.Fonky-M - closer to the 80's
(Ne-Yo vs Calvin Harris)
6.ElectroSound - Bonkers day n night
(Kid Cudi vs Armand Van Helden)
7.ZoOm - Sting charmer
(Sting Vs David Guetta vs Carpe Diem)
8.Oki - You oughta shockwave
(Alanis Morissette vs Badboy DJ's)
9.Rom1Rom - Boom the pressure
(Black Eyed Peas vs Mylo)
10.Elocnep - Sexyback comming at night
(Justin Timberlake vs Javi Mula Vs Dave Spoon)

  Best Of Set Délicat & Scène Octobre 2009

Instruments: Best of set Délicat & Scène octobre 2009
Voix: Best of set Délicat & Scène octobre 2009
Arrangement: Bootleggers of the world
Date de sortie: 2009

Best of set Délicat & Scène octobre 2009
Zip mp3-9 tracks

01- DJZebra_MandClyde
02-MadMixMustang-I Love Mama and Rockn Roll
03-Ben doubleM-Temptation vs Sade-Papa was a sweetest taboo
04- DJ Vectrex-Daft punk vs Katerine around V.I.P
08-BOGOSS CloseDeLa
09-Dunproofin-Grooves In The Girls
  Bootlegs Best Of Septembre 2009

Instruments: Set Delicat & scène
Voix: Set Delicat & scène
Arrangement: ZoOm set
Date de sortie: 2009

Delicat & Scène Best Of, septembre 2009
(fichier zip 9 titres)

01 Hi-brid - Glass Hammer - PGabriel vs Blondie
02 lobsterdust - FunkySmoke (DeepPurple vs DaftPunk vs Usher)
03 DjMoule - Check your Mercedes benz
04 g3rst - smells like runnin
05 Zebra - Camille vs Nirvana
06 Tanchpa - Brimful of Light
07 DJYaliasJY - Duffy train running
08 ZoOm - Miami Sound Machine vs MJackson
09 lobsterdust - PutOnTheRedLight (Police vs Coldplay)
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