Date of creation: 1993
Training: « home studio »
Location: Blois (41 Loir et Cher - France)

Members: Olivier (author, composer and performer)
and Gaetan (composer, arranger).

Musical style: Pop Electro

Influence: Perry Blayke, Portishead, Graig Amstrong,
David Bowie, Depeche Mode, 4AD, Beck, ...

C H R O N O L O G Y :

Training and creation of the group « AIDELINE »
The home studio’s construction.

1993 à 1996
Instrumental orientation, creation of various topics between electro pop and movie soundtrack.
Music mostly influenced by Quality-label 4AD.
Various rock with Guitarists, Percussionists, Singers, …

1996 à 1998
Transformation of the studio using high technology
AIDELINE disappeared and the group went back to basic training Gaetan and Olivier, featuring DJ Cacach's
Creation of group DAZZLER.
Pop Trip Electro leanings
Because of the difficulty to work on long term with singers, Olivier decides to become the vocal leader and the author

1998 à 2003
The members of the group DAZZLER separate, DJ Cacach went into a solo
Gaetan and Olivier remain in duet under the name of ZoOm
The studio evolves according to new technology.
Deepening music theory and technical tools.
Music is less and less melancholic and gets closer to pop rock, to folk music, goes up to soul music. While improving the aspect and the beauty of songs,
we worked on sound mixing, and looked for the most appropriate colour sound
Partnership with Karlyne for the writing of texts in English.
Big job of arrangements, rearrangements, sound mixing, remixing
Writing of new songs.
Promoting ZoOm on different radio.
No step to the record label.
Some shows in private live.

2003 à 2006
Meeting theatrical agents, the making of the artistic concept of ZoOm
Visual, Bio, Marketing, Booking, Looking
Show on different FM radios
Writing of new songs
Collaboration with the group « YANIS et les MG’s » who is influenced by Massive attack, Portishead
Olivier collaborates for the writing of texts and the performance of songs.
We joined labels on the internet
Various contacts with groups for some collaboration
Writing and making of new song
Extension of ZoOm network

Projects for 2007-2008
Looking for collaboration with other musicians.
Collaboration on other songs with YANIS The Soundmaker (trip hop electro pop)
Collaboration with EVANELA (which performs one of ZoOm song)
Meeting various artists
Shows and interviews on FM radios and web radios
A contract with the label named IMOTEP Records
Looking for partnership with DJs in order to remix some songs into Club mix version.
The making of ZoOm Website
And also the making of the Bootlegs Mash up site called « ZoOm BoOtlegs »
The group’ s promotion.
New Songs

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