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Musicians: ZoOm
Vocals: ZoOm
Arranged by: ZoOm
Release date: 2007
Sometimes you speak but you are not heard!Even if you move, if you shout, nobody hears you, nobody sees you!Invisible is your story, ours, hers, his.Who has never wanted once in his life to exist through the eyes of the others!But despite all his efforts remained invisible.
  Virtual Life

Musicians: ZoOm
Vocals: ZoOm
Arranged by: ZoOm
Release date: 2007
Since Internet, Many people connect and float according to inspiration of the moment ... Looking for a soul mate, for the last fashionable song , for a car, for an adventure ... The human being becoming the actor of his world, forgetting the real world! What is he hoping?No one is blinder than the one who’s fed with his illusions!

Musicians: Yanis Angelus
Vocals: ZoOm
Arranged by: Yanis Angelus
Release date: 2006
Yanis (composer), in collaboration with ZoOm (author and performer) Yanis inspired by the emotion of images transforms them into music! These works would deserve to illustrate great films. "Whispers", a piece of work, written and performed by ZoOm. It evokes a person lost in the madness of his soul, between reality insanity and split personality. A contrasted and intense psychological story ...
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